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Tara Brunet Mindset Membership

What's inside?

Consider the Membership your total self care toolbox. You have unlimited access to workout videos, guided meditations, incredible month long mindset challenges, journaling prompts, and of course... Amazing manifestation courses and content! All available at your fingertips with the free App!

Dream Body Content: 

Ready to have your cake, and your dream body too? Inside the Membership you will find a large variety of Manifesting Dream Body Content such as...

*The Dream Body Blueprint: 3 Days of videos + daily homework teaching you how to unlock your dream body.
*10 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge: Everything you need to know to ditch dieting and finally have peace and freedom with food within 10 detailed videos and daily exercises.
*Manifesting Dream Body Steps: A PDF detailing the 7 Steps of how I achieved my dream body and how you can too!
*Mini Dream Body Course: The basics behind dream body outlined in a 5 Day Video series + a bonus livestream!
*Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings: I have a new meditation added every single week, but there are plenty to help you in your dream body journey such as:
-The Muscle Strengthening & Fat Melting Hypnosis 
-Dream Body Rampage
-Movement Meditation
-Safe Weight Loss Hypnosis
-Woo Woo Workout Meditation
-Supercharge Metabolism Hypnosis
-Self Love Energizing Meditation
-Dream Body Meditation
-Most Excellent Self Hypnosis
-Meditation for Eliminating Self Sabotage
-Authentic Self Meditation
The Dream Body Recipe: A video and "recipe" card for manifesting your dream body.

Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings: 

At the time of writing this there is an extensive variety of 42 guided audios on every topic imaginable with a new meditation added every single Monday! Easily accessible anywhere, anytime on your phone inside the App.

The Daily Mindset Design:

Every single day, you will find a new journaling prompt or activity that takes ten minutes or less to complete. This is your done-for-you daily mindset work that will keep you on track with your goals. Each month is based off a specific self development book, or the teachings of an expert in their field. I read the books, and break it all down for you in a beautiful PDF that you can print and follow along with each day. The current DMD's inside the Membership are:

*Mindset & Manifestation Principles
*The 30 Day Money Challenge
*The Code For The Extraordinary Mind
*Human Daily Mindset Design 
(an entire month diving into every single aspect of your human design chart!)
*21 Day Super Attractor
*The Power of Positive Energy
*Letting Go & Flow
*Rich As F*ck
*Clicking into Consciousness
*The Productivity Project

Manifesting Your Match: 

If you haven't heard my crazy love story- I manifested my soulmate and got engaged within 2 weeks. I've outlined the process I used inside Intentions with Tara, and Manifesting Your Match! 

Manifesting the money, dream car, dream job, and dream home is cool- but we all know the most important thing in life is the people we surround ourselves with. I feel SO lucky to have cracked the code to an incredible marriage, amazing friendships and a life that I pinch myself and tear up thinking about almost daily. 

The Membership is my gift to you, to help you create whatever your dream life vision is- you will find everything you need inside to make it happen!

Quantum Leap Week: 

Ready to take things up to the next, next level? QLW starts with Activating Your Quantum Code where you enter the matrix and re-program your mind. Then, dive into an entire week of next level videos and daily exercises that will have you leaping out of your comfort zone and into your next level life. 

Livestream Content: 

In need of some inspiration, or have questions to ask? Every other Friday I go live inside the Membership Facebook group and answer questions or chat about any and all things manifestation, self development and motivation. There are currently 22 Livestreams available for you to dive into on a huge range of topics! This is the perfect opportunity to get coached by me, in a casual format.

10 Minute Transformation Challenge: 

Ready to end self sabotage and procrastination for good? My clients rave about this 30 day challenge that will take you from procrastinating to productive in any area, in just 10 minutes a day! Inside this mini course is video lessons, calendars, and the whole process outlined for you. 

Money Mindset Teachings:

Making more money starts with your mindset. Master this inside my variety of money courses and workbooks that will have you manifesting money like you never have (I've had a client manifest $150,000 in 30 days!) and feel rock solid in your relationship with your bank account.

300 Full Length Workout Videos: 

Starting to get bored of your workouts? I was previously a personal trainer & nutritionist and have created an extensive library of workout vidoes for you! They support ALL levels, complete with 2-16 Week schedules all laid out for you. I've got you covered with daily fun workout challenges that are suitable from beginner to advanced. The best part? All workouts can be done at home with just bodyweight! There are also options for dumbbells, TRX, and bands if you have them available.

All NEW Teachings: 

 I couldn't fit everything on this sales page! I also have teachings on Crystals & Tarot cards, Vision Board Workshops, Morning Routines, Human Design, Monthly Intention Setting, EFT Tapping, and workbooks galore to help you get into alignment, find peace and gratitude, and get crystal clear on your vision.

As I continue to create, I love doing free offers and video teachings every month. You can expect new content each month such as my Limitless Trainings, Manifestation Challenges, and whatever else comes out, all uploaded inside the Membership.